wanda 1962 eerste boxer kennel vriend oud
wanda 1960 Frieda 's first boxer



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We are Frieda, Maarten and Joram and we share one big hobby and love, the Boxer. We live in Vianen near Utrecht. Frieda grew up with one large white male Boxer. He was the friend of every kid in the Neighborhood. When it was winter and there was snow outside he pulled a sled with all the children on it, Everybody loved him. He became 10 years old. He was her best friend, support and anchor. When she had to say goodbye, she had much trouble with it.  But it was also the start of a new period, because now she was contaminated with the well-known boxervirus. After that first boxer there were many more in the following years.


Maarten and Joram grew up with boxers. For us they are the sweetest, most loyal but foremost the craziest dogs we can think of. Because of that we started to occasionally breed a litter. And that is how it all started. Frieda is a certified breeder and we are affiliated with the “boxervrienden nederland”, “raad van beheer op kynologisch gebied” and the FCI. We breed according to the regulations of all these instances. Our goal is to breed beautiful pups with a great personality to keep this wonderful breed alive.