Our puppies grow up with us in the living room, between cats, dogs and grandchildren who visit often. That means that they get used to all the sounds of daily life and become super socialized.


With every pup you get a pedigree, dna-profile and they get chipped, vaccinated, and get 4 times dewormed. Around a week before you get the pup they will be checked by a Veterinarian and get their passports.




We think it is important that both you and us feel good about the pup and where it is going to be placed. Because we care a lot for our pups and raise them with a lot of love and care, we don’t want to lie awake at night worrying about them after they are gone to their new owners. We want nothing but the best for our puppies.


And because of that we reserve the right to say no to any potential buyer.


Photo's of our previous litters